Next Union Meetings:   

The NOTIFIED Union Meeting will be held on FRIDAY, December 15th, 2023, at 5:30p.m. This meeting is notified due to the date change. The Local 86 first year apprentices will be sworn in at this meeting and the Local 86 Holiday Party will commence immediately after. Catering provided by Bella Pasta!

Please remember to bring $6.00 cash to buy a 2024 Sunshine Club membership card! One free drink is included with purchase AND you MUST be a member to drink in the club or receive any benefits through the Hardship Fund.

Holiday Hours:

As a reminder, we will be closed for the holidays on the following dates:

Christmas        December 25th, 2023

New Years       January 1st, 2024

A Message from the Union Office:

Sisters and Brothers,

We want to pause at this joyous time of the year to thank each of you for your vital contribution to Local 86! Whether it be helping a member out during challenging times, giving a traveler a bed to sleep on, voter turnout on election day, standing in solidarity with fellow unions on the picket lines, or just being involved going to union meetings and Local 86 functions. The officers and staff Wish you and your Loved ones a peaceful holiday season, with plenty of relaxation and good company!

Work Picture-

Morris Ridge Solar project continues to ramp up with workers and hours. The Building Trades are still hard at work with our local politicians to ensure the Fair Life project in Webster will go our way. Multiple substations and water treatment facilities are continuing to remodel and expand across the jurisdiction. The U of R projects continue to move along, with the Tower project scheduled to ramp up significantly by June. Plan to stay busy!

The Examining Board’s last test was 12/9/ for 2023 and will start administering exams right after the new year.

The upcoming training schedule being offered by the JATC is outlined below. I would recommend that members take advantage of this free training. Training is an essential part of any organization. It is important because it represents a terrific opportunity for individuals to grow their knowledge and improve their job skills. To continue the benefits the IBEW and Local 86 offer its members that we all enjoy, we must continue to produce the best product. All new JW’s and many job sites are required to have NFPA-70E certification, it is being offered starting January 4th.

In Solidarity,

Todd Krenzer


The Delegates of the 40th I.B.E.W. International Convention, which was conducted in Chicago, Illinois during the week of May 9th through May 13th, 2022, approved several amendments to Article IX of the I.B.E.W. Constitution.  Accordingly, effective January 1st, 2024, there will be no increase in dues.  However, effective July 1st, 2024, there will be an increase of one dollar ($1.00) for the I.B.E.W. per capita for the International Office General Fund.  We will remind you about that increase as it gets closer. 

Be a good Sister/Brother and keep your dues current! If you pay a year of dues in advance, you get a free tee shirt! Just a reminder, we CANNOT accept credit cards at the hall for payment but remember that you have the option to pay your dues online using your credit card.  

To pay dues on the line, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Login in to www.ibewlu86.org 
  2. Your login will be your card# 
  3. Your password is your last name and the last 4 of SSN (Social Security Number) 
  4. Enter your payment

Vacation Freeze:

The vacation fund will be frozen December 28th, 2023, for year-end close-out check processing.  As a result, the last day to withdraw your vacation funds this year will be Wednesday, December 27th, 2023. As a reminder, vacation withdrawals must be requested with 24-hour notice.  Your check will be available for pick up at noon of the following day.  Any withdrawal requests must be made by the member.

Annual Kiddie Christmas Party:

The Annual Kiddie Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December 16th at the Local 86 Union Hall. Local 86 Member’s children & grandchildren ages birth to 10 years old are invited.  Please call the reservation line at (585) 235-1510 ext. 1302 to RSVP no later than December 6th.

Amerks Tickets:

We have season tickets available for the Rochester Amerks. Call (585) 235-1510 to reserve tickets (4 tickets per game). The tickets are first come, first served. Your dues must be current. One game per member is available.

Renew Committee Meetings – every 4th Wednesday on the Discord App:

The Renew Committee encourages younger members to participate in our Union and Community. For more information contact the hall or email the Renew Committee directly at renew@ibewlu86.com.

Important Note:

Annuity Trustees voted yes to adding 8 new fund options to our profile. You will see this information in the mail soon. These new options will be available this summer.

Important Note:

We are always looking for pictures and information to promote LU 86. If you have any pictures from jobsites you would like to share on our Facebook page, please contact Michelle or Valerie in the front office.

From the JATC:  

2023 1st Trimester CW/CE class schedule. All classes 4:30–7:30pm at 3540 Winton Place.

Apprentice Applications are accepted the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 9:00 – 12:00 and 1:00 to 4:00 at the JATC located at 3540 Winton Place.

Blue Book and Evals are due on the 10th of every month.

Union Strong App: 

Download the Union Strong app and stay up to date with LU 86 and its events. 

ATTENTION – Re-sign Information:   

All re-signs are from the 10th through the 16th of each calendar month. Re-signing can be done by email, fax, and mail. Currently, we are also taking re-signs by phone. Contact Mike Conover at (585)235-1510, option #5. Web Referral is available at www.ibewlu86.org. Click on Web Referral and then proceed with the instructions on the page. Members can bid on jobs available, update basic information, as well as re-sign from this link.  

Job Calls – 5:00 pm to 9:00 am DAILY:   

Listen to the job line at (585) 235-1510, option #2. If you want a job call after listening to the job line you MUST leave your name, card number, phone number at which you can be contacted, and what order you want to accept the calls. 

IO/NEBF Pension:   

Please call the Union Office six months before you reach age 62 to set up an appointment to start processing your pension application (585) 235-1510. 

Thought for the day:

Labor History: Learn it before you force us all to repeat it.