Due to the spreading COVID-19 virus, we are performing all member services via email and phone. Instead of coming to the hall call us at (585) 235-1510.

For vacation draws and dues, call the front office, (585) 235-1510 #0.

If you need to sign or re-sign the book, call Ray (585) 235-1510 #5.

If you need to talk to someone in the Fund Office, their phone number is (585) 235-1515.

Thank you,
Local 86 Office Staff


The Local 86 Pension Trustees approve that retirees can go back to work (beyond the normal 40 hour limitation) beginning 6/1/20 ending 7/26/20.


Any member who has a son or daughter who will graduate this year from high school and wants to apply for scholarship help from this fund should contact the Union office for an application.  For your convenience, you can also download the application by clicking the link below.

Completed applications must be returned to the business office no later than 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 17, 2020.  The Executive Board of Local 86 will review all the applications at the Executive Board meeting that evening.


Below you’ll see current recommendations on how to manage COVID-19 in the workplace.  Please make sure to check the CDC or NYS Department of Public Health sites daily to keep up with any changes.

Implementation for communities who have known cases of COVID-19

Cleaning Recommendation

List of Cleaners

Interim guidelines for employers

35 page booklet Guidance on Preparing the Workplace – you all should read this and forward to all employers/owners


Cough Etiquette

Hand Hygiene

Protect Yourself from COVID-19 poster



On-demand access to health care – Anytime, Anywhere! 

For all active, small works (CE/CW) & early retiree members:
24/7/365 on-demand access to U.S board certified doctors and pediatricians wherever and whenever you need them.
Need to see a doctor late at night, on a weekend or on your lunch break…why wait?
When you work around the clock, or are traveling for work, life doesn’t always fit your schedule. Why wait for the care you need NOW!
Visit with a U.S. board certified doctor right from your home, office, or on the go for non-emergency medical conditions.

When to use telemedicine
* 24/7/365
* If your primary care doctor is not available
* Instead of going to the ER or an Urgent care center (for a non-emergency issue)
* If traveling and in need of medical care

Doctors can
* Diagnose your symptoms
* Prescribe Medication (when appropriate)
* Send the prescription to your nearest pharmacy

Common conditions treated

General Health Pediatric Care
Allergies Cold & Flu
Asthma Constipation
Bronchitis Ear Aches
Joint Aches Fever
Respiratory Infections Nausea
Sinus Infections Pink Eye
…and more! …and more!

About the doctors
* On average, doctors have 15 years of experience practicing medicine and are licensed in New York state
* Specialties include primary care, pediatrics, emergency and family medicine
* You may even see your own doctor on the roster

Cost of a telemedicine visit
* Free registration
* Zero co-pay!!

Don’t wait until you’re sick – ACTIVATE your telemedicine account now! 1-866-692-5045