On-demand access to health care – Anytime, Anywhere! 

For all active, small works (CE/CW) & early retiree members:
24/7/365 on-demand access to U.S board certified doctors and pediatricians wherever and whenever you need them.
Need to see a doctor late at night, on a weekend or on your lunch break…why wait?
When you work around the clock, or are traveling for work, life doesn’t always fit your schedule. Why wait for the care you need NOW!
Visit with a U.S. board certified doctor right from your home, office, or on the go for non-emergency medical conditions.

When to use telemedicine
* 24/7/365
* If your primary care doctor is not available
* Instead of going to the ER or an Urgent care center (for a non-emergency issue)
* If traveling and in need of medical care

Doctors can
* Diagnose your symptoms
* Prescribe Medication (when appropriate)
* Send the prescription to your nearest pharmacy

Common conditions treated

General Health Pediatric Care
Allergies Cold & Flu
Asthma Constipation
Bronchitis Ear Aches
Joint Aches Fever
Respiratory Infections Nausea
Sinus Infections Pink Eye
…and more! …and more!

About the doctors
* On average, doctors have 15 years of experience practicing medicine and are licensed in New York state
* Specialties include primary care, pediatrics, emergency and family medicine
* You may even see your own doctor on the roster

Cost of a telemedicine visit
* Free registration
* Zero co-pay!!

Don’t wait until you’re sick – ACTIVATE your telemedicine account now! 1-866-692-5045

Say No! To NYS Constitutional Convention

You may have read or heard in the media that a vote may take place in 2017 to convene a New York State Constitutional Convention. We urge our members to vote NO.

Why? The state Constitution safeguards fundamental rights you enjoy as a citizen of New York State. These rights include:
• Right to be paid the prevailing rate of wages for your labor;
• The 40-hour work week;
• Right to a guaranteed pension for public employees;
• Right to unionize – to organize, form and join unions of your own free will;
• Right to free public education through 12th grade until age 21;
• Preservation of the Adirondacks, just to name a few.

A constitutional convention puts these guaranteed rights in jeopardy. A convention can eliminate all or some of these rights already enjoyed by New York’s citizenry.

The current Constitution requires that ­every 20 years voters decide whether to hold a statewide constitutional convention which is a forum to tweak, change or radically makeover the state constitution.

The current Constitution does not require a convention to occur; only that the citizenry have an opportunity to require one to occur every 20 years.

A convention that would put the rights and protections already enjoyed by New Yorkers in jeopardy is not necessary in order to amend the present constitution. Provisions presently incorporated in the Constitution can be revoked and new provisions may be added through legislative action resulting in popular vote on the proposed change.

The present Constitution provides for a means to amend without a general convention that would put already established principles in danger of being altered. Present procedure has the legislature pass a proposed change and subsequent voter acceptance or rejection on Election Days when such amendments are put to the general electorate for an up or down vote. If the people agree with the proposed amendment it becomes part of our constitution, if rejected it does not. In either case the people decide on the construction of their state constitution.

In 1997, New York’s electorate – you – rejected having a convention at all. A coalition of labor unions, environmentalists and conservative activists were joined by the leaders of the State Senate and Assembly. These rank and file constituencies defeated the push for a convention that was lead by special interests.

In 1997 the people of New York recognized that a convention would open the door to rolling back New York’s environmental and labor protections.

In 1997, Michael Long, the chairman of the state’s Conservative Party, a strange bed­fellow with labor on this subject, observed that a constitutional convention was merely a way for lawmakers to duck their responsibility to pass needed changes through the traditional legislative process. “We don’t need a convention to change that.”

The last Convention was held in 1967. All the proposed changes were rejected by New Yorkers when they were put before the citizens for their vote. Millions of taxpayer dollars were expended on the holding of the convention for naught. New Yorkers do not need to expend money on a convention that could be used for good purposes, when amendments to the constitution can be had through the normal legislative process. It is also a given reality that special interests will dominate a convention rather than the will of the general public.

For these reasons we urge our members, their families and friends to vote NO to a NYS Constitutional Convention!

Red Wings Tickets

Local 86 has purchased four box seats for the Red Wings 2017 season.  Your dues must be paid through the date of the game you are requesting and you can only reserve one game.  Tickets will be reserved on a first come/first serve basis. Please call (585) 235-1510 to reserve your date.  See schedule online at

Nuclear Matters!

Please CLICK HERE to visit the Nuclear Matters website and fill out a short form to send an email to your elected officials. Nuclear Matters is a national advocacy coalition that we work very closely with on nuclear energy issues. The form will ask for your home address in order to verify you are a resident of New York and your phone number, which is required for contacting officials’ offices. You can also opt in to receiving future updates from Nuclear Matters.

Please also share this with your friends and family!