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To All 3rd District Locals and Registrars.

I don’t usually forward petitions but in this case I am making an exception.  Southern Cal Edison is using the H1B Visa to replace several hundred IT workers.  Although those workers are not represented by the IBEW or any other union, they are Americans who have family sustaining jobs that are being replaced by foreign workers.  As IBEW members and working Americans we should all be outraged by this outrageous abuse of the H1 B Visa.

Please review the statement from President Hill then follow the link to sign the petition and share it with your members, family and friends.  I have also attached bi partisan letter signed by several Republican and Democrat Senators.

Stop SoCal Edison from replacing American Jobs with H1b workers & give workers a fair contract! | Coworker

Sign the Petition at coworker.org!

Don Siegel

Click here to read the letter. | IP Hill Statement H1 B EPA