Local 86 Pension Retirees Allowed to Work

With the positive work outlook coupled with unfilled job calls, the Local 86 Pension Trustees have decided to allow retirees to continue to work and collect their pensions. The ‘Return-to-Work’ amendment will be extended FROM the previous cutoff date of September 25, 2022 TO now expire on December 25, 2022 (unless the Trustees deem appropriate to end it sooner).

Under this Amendment extension, the ‘$800 Bridge Benefit’ will be suspended in post-retirement employment in excess of 40 hours per month after September 25, 2022. The Trustees have determined the original intent behind the ‘Bridge Benefit’ was to help supplement non-working retirees pay for their health insurance, which is not the case when the Member has the ability to work without restriction and still collect their pension. NOTE – this will not affect the guaranteed minimum 48 payments under the ‘Bridge Benefit.’

This is for the Local 86 pension only. The rules of NEBF and IO pensions still apply.