Business Managers Desk

I would like to congratulate the following 5th year apprentices as they transition to Journeymen.

Shea CallaghanJames Keene JrNicholas Rosato
Kevin DeleoKent LesterAndrew Sweeney
Ian GlaserAndrew LoweTyler Vanderbilt
Arthur GorniakJacob MolisaniSteven Williams

It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you and watch you advance over the past 5 years.

As New York starts to slowly open back up, please continue to look out for one another. The work picture this summer is looking very promising assuming jobs do not get shut down again. If you have any questions or concerns on the condition of a job site, Todd, Ray or I will be more than happy to make jobsite visits and address those concerns. The safety of you and your family is our number one priority. Let us know what we can do to help.


Mike Bader

Business Manager